Explore South Padre Island

A beautiful tropical paradise right in Texas!

You won’t find anywhere else like South Padre Island. It’s a gorgeously exquisite barrier island just off the coast of Texas. Visitors can enjoy 34 miles of white sand beaches and perfectly clear water. The weather is calm and sunny almost all year round, giving you a great place to relax and visit any time. 

How big is South Padre Island?

Located in Cameron County, Texas, SPI is a barrier island along the Texas Gulf Coast. Named for a catholic priest who helped settle the area, the island town of South Padre is about 2.3 square miles of land and water. 

Almost 34 miles of uninterrupted beaches

The beaches have soft white sand that's great for walking or building sandcastles.

Warm, clear water for swimming & snorkeling

Visitors describe the water as bluish-green and perfect for all types of water activities.

Fresh-caught seafood prepared locally

There's a wide variety of restaurants on South Padre, most of which boast stunning views of the Gulf.

What's the best time to visit South Padre Island?

Each season has its own charm and offer options for everyone. Whether you are looking for a time of relaxation and tranquility, adventure and fun with friends or memorable encounters with family, each season will offer something special.


September - November

The water is warm and the beach is very open (less crowded) and peaceful.


December - March

A great location for Winter Texans who are visitors from winter climates many come from the midwest to escape the winter months. The weather is moderate, fishing is good and the beach life is very relaxed. Many of our winter Texans come year after year and develop lasting friendships! It is a very friendly spot for retirees.


March - June

Warmer weather with fun for families for spring break and Easter


July - August

Summer is a great time to visit South Padre as the cool breezes make the island temperatures much cooler than the rest of Texas. Great time for families to come together and enjoy fun in the sun!

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